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Example Program

Below is a detailed example of one student, John.

John’s Program Goal: To develop an employee benefit and assistance program that addresses the needs of employees who must care for elderly parents and family members.

Contract 1 (9 credits)

  • HD690 The Process of Human Development
  • Independent Study: Survey of Parental Healthcare Concerns of Company ABC Employees
  • Transfer Credit: The Aging Process, a course at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Contract 2 (10 credits)

  • Independent Study: Analysis of Existing Employee Assistance Programs
  • Independent Study: Weekend seminar in healthcare public policy, offered by the Humphrey Institute
  • HD723 Igniting Innovation in Your Organization
  • HD596 Creating Optimum Healing Environments
  • Independent Study: Best Practices for Assistance Programs

Contract 3 (8 credits)

  • HD695 Children of Addiction
  • Independent Study: Design of the Senior Life Assist Employee Benefit Program
  • HD512 Engagement and Motivation in the Workplace
  • HD691 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Contract 4 (8 credits)

  • Internship at a senior Day Care Center and an Employee Assistance Walk-in Center
  • Independent Study: Consulting Skills for Employee Assistance
  • HD633 The Many Faces of Art
  • HD698 Writing the Position Paper


What will your program look like?