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Full Time Faculty

John (Jack) McClure
John (Jack) McClure, Ph.D.
Ed.D. in Leadership - Program Director

(612) 728-5216

Shannon Cisewski
Shannon Cisewski, Ed.D.
Associate Director and Assistant Professor - Ed.D. in Leadership Program

(612) 238-4518

Roxanne Eubank
Roxanne Eubank, Ed.D.
Institute for LaSallian Studies, Director and EdD in Leadership, Core Professor

(612) 728-5217

Sonia Feder-Lewis
Sonia Feder-Lewis, Ph.D.
Ed.D. in Leadership - Core Professor

(612) 728-5152

Susan Hines
Susan Hines, Ed.D.
Director of Faculty Development, Associate Professor, EdD in Leadership

(612) 728-5194

Paul Kotz
Paul Kotz, Ph.D.
Ed.D. In Leadership - Core Assistant Professor

(612) 728-5130

Yvette Pye
Yvette Pye, Ph.D.
Ed.D. in Leadership - Core Associate Professor

(612) 728-5139

Amanuel Teklemariam
Amanuel Teklemariam, Ed.D.
Ed.D. in Leadership Program - Core Associate Professor

(612) 728-5191

Rustin Wolfe
Rustin Wolfe, Ph.D.
Ed.D. in Leadership - Core Associate Professor

(612) 728-5182