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Program Outcomes for Online Master's in HR Management

Outcomes That Are Essential for HR Managers

The online Master of Arts in Human Resource Management program from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will equip graduates with skills to perform the following.

Analyze How Human Resources Supports Organizational Strategy

  • Articulate methods for human resources to participate in business planning and implementation.
  • Assess, develop, and align organization human assets with corporate strategies.
  • Evaluate human resources performance in the context of business policy.

Develop Interdepartmental Relationships to Further Strategic Leadership Goals

  • Communicate with clarity and coherence.
  • Frame vital questions.
  • Analyze the challenges faced by managers.
  • Create internal consulting plans

Evaluate Human Resource Programs in Key Functional Areas

  • Apply skills in key functional areas of human resources.
  • Design implementation methods.
  • Administer programs using ethical rationale for implementation.

Create Systems for Talent Management in Partnership with Organizational Leaders

  • Advocate for both employees and leaders.
  • Provide ongoing employee development.
  • Assess factors affecting employee engagement.

Collect and Interpret Data for Organizational Assessment

  • Identify data to be collected.
  • Analyze data trends.
  • Deliver key findings and plans for action steps.

Model and Teach Effective Cross-Cultural Competence

  • Demonstrate respectful engagement with others’ ideas, behaviors, and beliefs.
  • Apply diverse frames of reference to decisions and actions.
  • Develop the skills to mediate and resolve conflicts.

Demonstrate Critical Thinking Skills

  • Evaluate relevant information and its sources.
  • Develop an argument focusing on an issue, including relevance, logic, grasp of the subject, and depth of discussion.
  • Resolve issues based on evidence weighed against relevant criteria.

Incorporate Ethical and Legal Perspectives Into All Human Resource Activities

  • Assess the congruence between personal norms and ethical principles.
  • Create systems that comply with state and federal employment laws and their labor-management relations.
  • Evaluate and defend human resource policies.

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