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Recognizing employee service and retirees [video]

June 22, 2021

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As has been our tradition, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota honors both retirees and employees with milestone service awards each year at a spring employee service award event. Because of COVID-19 safety requirements this past spring, we once again needed to replace our live events with a single virtual one.

Our virtual celebration includes announcement and recognition of employees who’ve achieved 5-year service increments, and a celebration of this year’s retirees. This year, we honor those with service from 5 to 35 years, as well as the following retirees: Paul Frosch, Michael Charron, John Anderson, Sherry Boynton, Ruth Torstenson LeMasters, Ann Jaques-Klingmann, Elizabeth Childs, Rob McColl, Preston Lawing, Ellen Bergler, Dr. Kenneth Solberg, Laurie Haase, Dr. David Sokolowski, Dr. Paul Weiner, and Dr. Ray Faber.

View this year’s virtual event and join us in celebrating this year’s honorees.