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Student Senate minutes, Oct. 20

October 21, 2020

Student Senate Undergrad Student Information

Student Senate – Oct. 20, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Kendall Archer at 7 p.m.

A prayer was offered by Collin van Waardenberg

Members present

Cece Abel (proxy David Gutierez), Kendall Archer, Samantha Carlson, Larkin Clem (proxy Isaiah Schultz), Sarah Fowler, Mary Furlong, Megan Kowalis, Jonathon Krull, Allison Moysis, Tara Nikolich, Nicole Noreen, Lyanna Novak, Enitan Onayiga, Sophia O’Neil, Marcos Pedroza, Angel Sacta Espinoza, Joseph Schauf, Collin van Waardenburg, Destiny Walker, and Elijah Williams

Members absent

Lillian Klein, Abigail Lang, and Thomas Magnavite

Members excused

Cece Abel (proxy David Gutierez), Larkin Clem (proxy Isaiah Schultz), Jake Emeott, Gabriel Graves, Noah Kimel, and Ryan Stoynich

Discussion Items

  • Executive Board Updates
    • Kendall Archer, president
      • Campaign to go home safely
        • Info on what to do to go home safely; more updates coming up
    • Marcos Pedroza, vice president of Media and Communications
      • Working with Working with Megan, vice president of Public Affairs, on election social media posts
    • Angel Sacta Espinosa, vice president for Campus Affairs
      • Contacted those interested in the Capital Improvement Committee
    • Nicole Noreen, vice president for Financial Affairs
      • The first financial request was received, will be coming up soon before Student Senate
    • Destiny Walker, vice president for Multicultural Affairs
      • No report
    • Mary Furlong, vice president for Academic Affairs
      • No report; have a good week!
    • Elijah Williams, vice president for Student Life
      • Pushing forward on Chartwells, update coming next week
    • Megan Kowalis, vice president for Public Affairs
      • No report
    • Jonathon Krull, executive assistant
      • Attend the civil discourse event on Thursday (Oct. 22) at 7 p.m. prior to the final presidential debate
        • Zoom link will be in the CommUNITY newsletter
    • Sarah Fowler, SAC president
      • Hot Cocoa and Coffee Thursday morning 8:30-10:30 a.m. in the plaza
      • Pumpkin patch Friday at 6 p.m.
    • Marisa Quinn, adviser
      • No report
  • Class Officer Reports
    • Freshmen: No report
    • Sophomore: No report
    • Junior: No report
    • Senior: No report
  • Motion to Adjourn
    • Motioned by Joseph Schauf
    • Seconded by Enitan Onayiga
    • Time 7:16 p.m.