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Biology Department

Jeanne Minnerath, Ph.D.
Jeanne Minnerath
Associate Dean - Mathematics and Sciences, Biology - Associate Professor, Biology - Director of Allied Health Program

(507) 457-1770

Jeanne Minnerath is an Associate Professor of Biology and the Director of Allied Health Programs at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

Scholarly & Creative Interests
I am interested in understanding how the immune system functions. In particular, I would like to understand how the immune system is educated such that it responds to foreign substances (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) but not to substances in an individual's own body.

Courses Taught Recently at SMU
Botany & Zoology I
Botany & Zoology I Lab
Botany & Zoology II
Botany & Zoology II Lab
Experimental Planning
Research and Thesis

Professional Organizations
Minnesota Academy of Science

Ph.D., Microbiology/Immunology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1996
B.S., Biology/Education, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN, 1988

Teaching Experience
2004 to Present: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN
1997-2003: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN
1996-1997: Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, OR
1990-1996: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Microbiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
1990-1994: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Microbiology, Medical Microbiology
1988-1989: Science Instructor, Maynard Public School, Maynard, MN

Other Professional Experience
Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, Oregon, 1996-1997

1998: Recipient, NSF Research Opportunity Award
1996: Recipient, Tarter Fellowship awarded by the OHS Foundation
1996: Recipient, Support from an NIH Microbial Pathogenesis Training Grant
1995: Recipient, Travel Award for the International Congress of Immunolgy
1995: Recipient, Graduate School Doctoral Disseratation Special Grant
1994: Member of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
1994: Recipient, Sigma Xi Award for Excellence in Scientific Research
1992-1994: Recipient, Support from NIH Immunlogy Training Grant
1990: Recipient, Department of Microbiology/Graduate School Fellowship

Johnston, J. R. 2002. A Comparison of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Isolated from Conventionally Versus Organically Raised Livestock. Bios. 73: 47-51. Research completed under the supervision of Dr. J. Minnerath, Department of Biology, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Liu, J., Minnerath, J. M., Nelson, R. D., Mueller, C. M., Jemmerson, R. 2000. Kinetic and Genetic Bases for the Heteroclitic Recognition of Mouse Cytochrome c by Mouse Anti-Pigeon Cytochrome c Monoclonal Antibodies. Molecular Immunology. 37: 847-859

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Mueller, C. M.*, Minnerath, J. M.*, Jemmerson, R. 1997. B Lymphocyte Recognition of the Self Antigen Mouse Cytochrome c in Different Mouse Strains: Targeting of the Same Dominant Epitope by Naturally-Occurring Cells Expressing Distinct VH Genes. Molecular Immunology. 34: 843-853. *CMM and JMM contributed equally to this work

Minnerath, J. M., Wakem, L. P., Comfort, L., Sherman, F., Jemmerson, R. 1995. The BALB/c Mouse B Cell Response to Pigeon Cytochrome c Initiates as a Heteroclitic Response Specific for Mouse Cytochrome c. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA. 92: 12379-12383

Minnerath, J. M., Crump, B. L., Margoliash, E., Jemmerson, R. 1995. Major and Minor Epitopes on the Self Antigen Mouse Cytochrome c Mapped by Site- directed Mutagenesis. Molecular Immunology. 32: 795-803

Minnerath, J. M., Mueller, C. M., Buron, S., Jemmerson, R. 1995. B Lymphocyte Recognition of Cytochrome c: Higher Frequency of Cells Specific for Self vs. Foreign Antigen Early in the Immune Response and V Gene Usage in the Response to Self Antigen. Eur. J. Immunol. 25: 784-791

Jemmerson, R., Minnerath, J. M., Mueller, C. M., Buron, S. 1995. Cytochrome c Antigens. In Structure of Antigens, Vol. IV., M. H. V. Van Regenmortel, ed., CRC Press

Kelner, G. S., Minnerath, J. M., Jenkins, M. K., Jemmerson, R. 1993. The Murine Immune Response to the Male-Specific Antigen Mouse Testicular Cytochrome c. European Journal of Immunology. 23: 1988-1992