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High School Student Entries

Use this form to enter the Elevator Pitch Business Idea Contest
  1. Create an idea for a new business.
  2. Answer these questions:
    What is the name of your company?
    What is your proposed role or position in the company? (Owner or founder)
    What product or service does your company provide?
    What is your market niche or target market? (Who will you be selling this product or service to?)
    Who are your competitors? (Who else sells a similar product or service)
    What is your competitive advantage? (Why will customers choose your product or service over your competitors?)
    What is the purpose of your request? (How much money or what expertise do you need to start this business?)
    What is your contact information?
  3. Make a Youtube video of you answering the questions and provide a link to the video or enter your answers below.
  4. Submit your entry.

* First Name
* Last Name
* Address
* City
* State
* Zip Code
* Email
* Telephone
* High School Name
* School City
* School State
You can either record a video of yourself presenting your Elevator Pitch and provide the YouTube video link:
Or you can enter your Elevator Pitch here:
NOTE: It is best to write your text in a word processor and copy and paste it here.
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