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Winona Campus construction continues thanks to generous benefactors

June 30, 2020


Thanks to the generosity of anonymous benefactors, Saint Mary’s continues to make changes to its Winona Campus entrance area. These gifts have allowed us to construct Brother William Hall, tear down Saint Edward’s Hall, and remove the hill in the plaza.

This summer, the project has continued with the construction of new entrance signage, an enclosure wall around the trash receptacles at the Toner Student Center loading dock, and additional work in the plaza. The reception booth near the entrance will also be upgraded.

The concepts and plans for the new entrance, including the remodeling of the plaza, were designed by DLR Group, a Twin Cities architectural firm that guided the preparation of the university’s master plan and did the architectural work for the Cascade Meadow addition in Rochester and the remodel of the Adducci Science Center’s Hoffman and Brother Charles halls.

The general contractor for the plaza project is McGough, the same company that built the Cascade Meadow addition and is the general contractor for the Adducci Science Center. The walls at the entrance and around the garbage area are being built by Scharmer and Sons, a Winona concrete and masonry contractor.

Major components of the plaza remodel

  • Nearly all of the concrete in the plaza is being removed. A portion of it will be replaced, but more inviting green space will be incorporated into the new design.
  • The metal pillars and footings are being removed to create a more unified gathering space.
  • The lighting will be upgraded, and landscaping work will be completed.


Jim Bedtke, vice president for university facilities, estimates that the plaza area will be blocked off throughout July, with new concrete being poured July 13 through Aug. 1, and finish work extending into the first week of August — depending on weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Staff should be able to access the Toner Student Center on the plaza side until work begins on the new foyer next week (around July 6-10). At some point, security personnel and other staff will not be able to access the doors leading to the Hall of Fame from the plaza, probably around July 30. Contact Bedtke if there are any questions about this project.