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Making Your Education Accessible and Affordable

A college education is a major investment, but it is one that returns lifelong dividends. Numerous national studies indicate the investment in a college education will increase your earning potential by nearly a million dollars over the course of your lifetime. Think about how you might invest in your future – is a college education an option?

At Saint Mary’s we are committed to making a quality education accessible and affordable. We strive to keep our tuition low without compromising the outstanding quality of our academic and co-curricular experiences.  As a Lasallian Catholic institution, our core values are built on a centuries-old tradition of access to the best education for all.  Approximately 99% of all undergraduates at Saint Mary’s receive some form of financial aid.   

Every family is unique.  When it comes to assembling a financial aid package, no two families have the exact same circumstances.  But, it all starts with three distinct types of financial aid:

Scholarships and grants, which do not have to be repaid;

Loans, most offered at low interest rates with repayment deferred until after graduation; Work Study, which provides student employment income without having to leave campus.

Saint Mary’s offers both need-based aid, for families with demonstrated financial need, and merit scholarships, which reward a student’s academic success, achievements, talents, community contributions, and leadership. Your counselor can help determine your eligibility. If you are an active-duty service member, reservist, veteran, or a family member of someone who has served, we encourage you to reach out to our Office of Military and Veterans Services for financial aid options unique to your situation.

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The FAFSA: Your First Step Towards Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is a simple form that helps schools calculate financial aid awards to students. At Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, we're committed to offering a high quality education that is affordable to all students. Watch the videos below to learn more about financial aid at Saint Mary's, common questions about the FAFSA, and how to submit your FAFSA.

Plan your finances

We encourage applicants to submit their FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1.  To enable the Financial Aid Office to process your FAFSA and meet the deadline to mail your financial aid package, please have your FAFSA submitted two weeks prior to the FA Awards Mailed deadline listed below. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Federal School Code is: 002380.  As long as we have received all the necessary forms, we should be able to send you a complete package according to which admission application type you applied as.

Admission Type—Early Action I
Application & Support Materials Deadline:   October 15*
Admission & Merit Decisions Announced:   November 1
Financial Aid Awards Mailed:   December 15
Deposit Deadline:   May 1

Admission Type—Early Action II
Application & Support Materials Deadline:   November 15
Admission & Merit Decisions Announced:   December 1
Financial Aid Awards Mailed:   December 15
Deposit Deadline:   May 1

Admission Type—Regular Decision I
Application & Support Materials Deadline:   December 15
Admission & Merit Decisions Announced:   January 1
Financial Aid Awards Mailed:   January 15
Deposit Deadline:   May 1

Admission Type—Regular Decision II
Application & Support Materials Deadline:   January 15
Admission & Merit Decisions Announced:   February 1
Financial Aid Awards Mailed:   February 15
Deposit Deadline:   May 1

Admission Type—Rolling
Application & Support Materials Deadline:   January 16
Admission & Merit Decisions Announced:   February 15
Financial Aid Awards Mailed:   March 1
Deposit Deadline:   May 1


Good news:  You didn't do anything wrong when you completed the FAFSA and, if you provide the Financial Aid Office with the right documents, this shouldn't delay the processing of your financial aid.  The U.S. Department of Education selects FAFSAs for verification to ensure that Pell Grant and/or Subsidized Stafford Loan recipients have completed their application correctly.

If you have a financial situation that you feel was not sufficiently addressed by the FAFSA, please complete our Special Circumstances Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office along with the appropriate documentation.

There are two payment plans available. On the standard plan, tuition is paid at the beginning of each semester. On the 8-payment plan, tuition is divided into four payments per semester. Tuition statements are sent out by the Business Office on or around the 5th of each month, beginning in August. Statements are sent to students at their SMUMN email address, as well as to other persons authorized by students. Parents and students will learn more about billing and payment at New Student Orientation and Registration.


Find Us

If you have specific financial aid questions, please contact our office or stop by when you visit campus. The Financial Aid Office is located in Room 27, Saint Mary's Hall on the Winona Campus. 

Phone: 507-457-1437
  866-451-5296 (toll-free)
Fax: 507-457-6997 


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