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Math Placement Exams

Mathematics/Statistics Department

As part of the university advising program, the Mathematics & Statistics Department makes recommendations for each freshman student concerning the preparatory math courses they are required and qualified to take. These recommendations are based on the ACT sub-score in mathematics and/or the department placement tests.

Placement Exams
The department offers placement exams to students who wish to demonstrate: University Mathematics Competency (place out of courses Math 100 or Math 102) or Calculus readiness (place into M151 - Calculus I). These exams are given during the summer orientation sessions and by arrangement with the department chair. Practice materials for these exams are available through the following PDFs:

The department also offers a Saint Mary's University Advance Placement Calculus Test for those students who wish to place out of Math 151 – Calculus 1. There are no practice materials for this exam.

Math Competency
The university has a mathematics competency requirement for graduation.

If a student has an ACT math sub-score of 20 or below, then the student is required to enroll in one of the following courses:

  • Math 100 – Elementary Mathematical Ideas – This course is intended for non-science majors.
  • Math 102 – Intermediate Algebra – This course is intended for science majors (biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics).

If Math Competency is Satisfied
Depending on a student’s field of interest, a student whose math competency is satisfied will be placed into one of the following courses:

Non-Science Majors

  • Elementary Education Majors
    • Fall, Math 109 – Mathematical Concepts II: Geometry
    • Spring, Math 108 – Mathematical Concepts: Number Systems
  • Business Majors
    • Math 145 – Finite Mathematics
  • Other Majors
    • Statistics 132 – Reasoning with Statistics or
    • Statistics 232 – Introduction to Statistics (ACT sub-score of 26 or higher).

Science Majors (biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics)

  • A prospective science major whose ACT math sub-score is between 21 and 25 with be placed into the following course:
    • Math 148 – Calculus with Precalculus I (which must be followed by M149 - Calculus with Precalculus II)
  • A prospective science major whose ACT math sub-score is 26 or higher will be placed into the following course:
    • Math 151 – Calculus 1

For more information contact:

Todd Iverson, Ph.D.
Chair, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Department
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
700 Terrace Heights #1511
Winona, MN 55987-1399
(800) 635-5987, Ext. 1575