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IT Department works to improve Wi-Fi on Winona Campus

April 29, 2021

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The IT Department is collaborating with the Student Senate to improve Wi-Fi throughout the Winona Campus and will be making some upgrades over the summer. If you are aware of any areas that lack signal or have poor quality Wi-Fi, please complete this form so we can work to prioritize our improvements. It should only take a few minutes.

As a reminder here are a few tips and tricks for the Saint Mary’s Wi-Fi:

  1. SMUMN-Secure should be used by Windows, Mac, IOS, Droid, or any other cell phone device.
  2. The Clearpass Agent is required to connect to the SMUMN-Secure network from a windows device and must be downloaded and installed. The Clearpass Agent is used to verify that antivirus and Windows updates are installed to help protect all devices using the SMUMN-Secure network from viruses/malware.
  3. When making a global password change via the portal, it is required to forget or remove the existing SMUMN-Secure network and then re-add using the new credentials.
  4. SMUMN-Open should be used for temporary guest access and for device access such as Roku, Firestick, Alexa, wireless TVs, etc. The wireless Mac address of these devices needs to be registered into
  5. Wired devices also require registration of the devices wired mac address into Registration of the device will keep the device in registration throughout the school year, eliminating the need to re-login after the allowed time frame.
  6. We recommend all gaming consoles be connected via a wired connection to provide the lowest latency and the best possible user experience. Added latency is inherent with all wireless systems which are unnoticeable for most applications but can be very noticeable when gaming.
  7. If you have Wi-Fi issues, please contact the IT HelpDesk either by calling 507-457-7800 and choosing option 1, by emailing, or by stopping by our office in the basement of Hendrickson Hall.

Remember, if we don’t know you have an issue, we can’t help fix it. Your responses on this survey will help us make improvements to the campus wifi and are greatly appreciated.