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John C. Parmer
School of Sciences

Explore and understand the world around you.

You see the world as a place to be explored. You see the unknown as a puzzle to be solved. You see yourself as a helper, an advocate, and a voyager into the what if.

So many paths forward - like a whole drawer full of forks in the road.

From human biology to environmental biology, from chemistry to pre-medical studies, the John C. Parmer School of Sciences meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to go.

Hands-on Learning

Our labs feature the latest equipment you’ll need to learn and prepare for your first day in the lab.

    • Thermo 1300/ISQ700 GC-MS with TriPlus Robotic Sample Handling
    • Thermo P2000 HPLC system

    • Agilent 4210 Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer
    • StellarNet 785 nm Raman Spectrometer
    • Varian EM360 with Anasazi EFT-60 Upgrade NMR Spectrometer
    • Thermo Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrometer
    • Thermo Evolution Array UV-Vis Spectrometer
    • Thermo Nicolet 380 IR Spectrometer

Our students. Their stories.

Put your healing touch to work.

The 3+2 Physician Assistant program, in educational collaboration with Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, will put you on the fast track to begin a meaningful and versatile career in the medical field — and to ultimately work within the Midwest for the world-renowned Mayo Clinic Health System.

3+2 PA Program

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