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Chemistry Major

Understanding chemistry allows you to examine our changing world — and gives you the power to shape it.

Chemistry is the study of the physical world and the natural processes that occur all around us. Explore chemistry at Saint Mary’s — and discover a world of possibilities.

Whether you want to assist crime scene investigators by collecting and analyzing evidence, or aspire to protect Mother Earth, a solid chemistry foundation will prepare you for various career opportunities. Our faculty are dedicated to ensuring your education is one of discovery, providing you with the knowledge and understanding to go into the world and make an impact with what you’ve learned.

When you study chemistry at Saint Mary’s, you receive an extensive education combining research, lab work, fundamental chemical principles, and real-world experiences. Immerse yourself in the study of general, organic, and physical chemistry to prepare for a career in research, healthcare, forensics, and environmental science.

There are many ways to make the most of your chemistry experience —and enhance your education — outside the classroom.


Discover the dynamic and revolutionary Science and Learning Center. Its state-of-the-art learning spaces are a place where innovation is cultivated with a hands-on approach combined with practical learning and research in classrooms. Today’s climate requires innovation to be fostered through textbook study and hands-on learning. Together, these soft skills and analytical skills will help you grow as a leader. Did you know you can engage in chemistry research year-round with 24/7 at Saint Mary’s?

Explore modern, research-grade instrumentation right away in your first year, including:

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer
Microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometer

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Program Highlights

When you study chemistry at Saint Mary’s, you’re receiving more than an extensive education combining research, lab work, fundamental chemical principles, and real-world experiences — you’re learning how to ethically apply it.

Program Features

What Makes it Special:

  • Advanced instrumentation
  • State-of-the-art labs and classrooms
  • Chemistry Club
  • Summer research opportunities
  • Service-learning throughout the community

What You'll Learn

What You’ll Learn

  • Principles of various fields of chemistry
  • Modern instrumentation theory and practice
  • Presentation of results, conclusions, and relevance of scientific experiments
  • Understanding of scientific principles and how to communicate them
  • Effectively work with diverse colleagues in team situations
  • Ethical leadership and collaborative skills

Teach STEM in a high-need district

Share your passion for chemistry — with your own classroom

Teaching in a STEM field allows you to stay connected with the discipline you love while inspiring children to see it as a possible option for their lives and careers. 

The ISTEP-Noyce program is designed to help increase the number of secondary STEM teachers from diverse backgrounds committed to teaching in high-need schools – to ensure all learners are served.

With Saint Mary’s ISTEP-Noyce grants, you can receive two years of scholarship support.

Careers that look to the future.

Career options for chemistry graduates are changing as fast as the physical world and human behaviors. Jobs in pharmacology, forensic science, and environmental science jobs are in high-demand. Entry-level careers in the sciences are indispensable, such as chemical engineers, research scientists, and analytic chemists.

Laboratory Specialist

$57,800 per





Job growth rate between 2020-2030

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