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Computer Science Majors

A degree that powers in-demand careers in a perpetual industry.

The computer science major covers four major tracks aligned with high-growth career opportunities. Depending on which track you choose, you will gain knowledge of computer hardware and architecture, mathematical essentials for the field, and the best practices of integrated technology. These four tracks are designed to help you reach your career goals; our advisors can help you find the right track for you. 

This undergraduate program offers unique advantages including hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and applications. Additionally, students can engage in specialized clubs, organizations, and societies related to their major. Furthermore, the option to pursue a double major in either marketing or mathematics provides a well-rounded educational experience.

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Meet the mathematical midfielder of Saint Mary's.

Juggling three majors — software design, cybersecurity, and mathematics — Jacob Clements excels as a starting midfielder and a remote software development intern for Trane Technologies. Uncover how he overcame pandemic challenges, securing a unique internship opportunity. Mentored by Professor Donald Heier, Clements embraces challenges for the love of learning. Graduating in 2023, he aspires to embark on a fulfilling and challenging career.

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