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Mathematics Major

Math + Saint Mary’s = Good Choice.

The building block for everything in our daily lives: math. Technology, money, art, time, and even the human body. To say we need people “good” at math is an understatement. Our evolving world needs those with superb problem-solving capabilities, superior critical-thinking skills, creative thinking abilities, and quantitative and qualitative knowledge. Saint Mary’s mathematics major allows for flexibility in your course selection, so your education is built around your interest and abilities. Our dedicated, compassionate faculty will make sure you’re supported every step of the way. Discover hands-on learning experience to round out theories with real-world insights, while preparing for careers of tomorrow.

You’ll take courses that explore topics, including:

Linear equations
Basis and dimensions
Chi-square tests
Quotient groups

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Program Highlights

Math helps solve problems in business, the sciences, and technology. With a mathematics degree, you can pursue a career in engineering, finance, and social sciences. Math is everywhere, just like the opportunities. Our mission: helping you find yours.

Program Features

What Makes it Special:

  • Clubs, societies, and organizations: Sigma Pi Sigma, Mathematics and Computer Science Club, Pi Mu Epsilon
  • Minor in computer science or business statistics

What You'll Learn

What You’ll Learn

  • Mathematical communication skills; reading, writing, and speaking
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • Develop mathematical models in applied situations
  • Manipulate and analyze mathematical models of real-world situations
  • Effectively work with diverse colleagues in team situations
  • Ethical leadership and collaborative skills

Teach STEM in a high-need district

Share your passion for math — with your own classroom

Teaching in a STEM field allows you to stay connected with the discipline you love while inspiring children to see it as a possible option for their lives and careers. 

The ISTEP-Noyce program is designed to help increase the number of secondary STEM teachers from diverse backgrounds committed to teaching in high-need schools – to ensure all learners are served.

With Saint Mary’s ISTEP-Noyce grants, you can receive two years of scholarship support.

Course Catalog

Careers that look to the future.

A math degree will help prepare you for careers in a variety of fields — business, physics, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, or social sciences.



College or university math professor


Data scientist


Investment banking analyst

This module doesn't exist.