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Cooperative Education Program

Stand Out from the Competition

Saint Mary’s Cooperative Education Program will put you at the head of the pack.

Saint Mary’s Winona Campus is located near a nationally and internationally recognized manufacturing, healthcare, and arts hub. These employers are looking for talented students with the right skills in a wide variety of academic areas.

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Gain work experience before you go to work.


Throughout your studies, we’ll provide you with career preparation, as well as a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum that will arm you with highly desired critical thinking skills and a broad perspective.

Then, for one semester, usually during your junior or senior year, you will have a meaningful work immersion experience while you earn credits (and in some cases compensation) — all while participating fully in campus life. In turn, you will help the organization advance its goals and objectives.

Think of this like an internship, only amped up. You’ll receive practice solving real-world problems, will learn practical and soft skills, will discover your strengths and interests, will build an impressive résumé, and you’ll have made an impression on a potential full-time employer.

All of this means you’ll have the competitive advantage when you begin your job search.



Students in the Program

Our Community Co-op Partners


Merchants Bank is proud to support the Cooperative Education Program at Saint Mary’s University. In January 2019 we welcomed our first student through the program to our team of Credit Analysts. Providing students with practical experience and opportunities to develop a variety of professional skills should be a win for both the students and the business community as they will be better prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. We look forward to seeing the Cooperative Education Program continue to grow and being a part of the success of its students. — Nicole Messenger, Human Resource Officer, Merchants Bank

Having students as part of our workforce has been invaluable over the years, not only for our business, but also for their development both personally and professionally. Getting to help them learn new skills and practical application of their course materials — as well as seeing their growth with all the soft skills that employers value so much — is truly a great experience. There is no doubt in my mind that having a co-op program in place to enhance the education of Saint Mary’s graduates is an absolute win-win. — Ryan Rosenberg, Director of Performance Improvement, Fastenal