Integratus is Saint Mary’s approach to integrated education — a means of helping you develop and build skills and opportunities to integrate your knowledge, to renew your commitment to learning in community, and to go out and refresh the world. Through Integratus, you will make a difference.

The world is a complex and dynamic place. To help you make sense of it, and to prepare you to apply your talents and skills, Integratus allows you to make connections — between the classroom and the workplace, between your educational experiences and your life situation, between your knowledge and the wider world.

Integratus is designed to help you grow in these areas:

  • Intellectual flexibility and imagination, to prepare to adapt to a changing world
  • Identity development, to become who you want to be
  • Community engagement, to commit to sharing your gifts with others
  • Social responsibility, to respond to challenges with ethical leadership
  • Search for meaning, to awaken to a life of purpose

Integratus is a fundamental part of the Saint Mary’s education that all graduates share.