Tuition and Fees for the 2018–19 Academic Year

Students are required to pay the current tuition rate for all classes taken toward their degree. The tuition is based on the tuition rate of the program through which the course is offered.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota reserves the right to revise tuition payment policies at any time. Should this occur, students will be notified prior to the effective date of the changes.


Undergraduate Certificates and Degrees
Undergraduate Certificates $420 per credit
Undergraduate (B.S.) $420 per credit
Nursing (B.S.) Online $485 per credit



Application Fee $25
Course Drop Fee $30
Final Paper Presentation Fee $50
Graduation Fee $190
Printing Fee (using Computer Lab printers) $0.10 per page
Undergraduate Fees:  
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Fee $230



Tuition does not include payment for course materials or textbooks. These materials are made available for purchase through one of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Bookstores. Students should budget approximately $500 per semester for textbooks and course materials.