Tuition and Fees for Your Program

Tuition and fees vary by program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Saint Mary’s is committed to providing an affordable graduate-level education. We strive to keep tuition and fees as low as possible while delivering an excellent private education.

Degree-seeking students who are enrolled at least half time may be eligible for financial aid and scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition.

2018–19 Tuition, Fees, and Textbooks

Students are required to pay the current tuition rate for all classes taken toward their degree. The tuition is based on the tuition rate of the program through which the course is offered.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota reserves the right to revise tuition payment policies at any time. Should this occur, students will be notified prior to the effective date of the changes.

Undergraduate Certificates and Degrees:

Undergraduate Certificates – $430 per credit

Undergraduate (B.S.) – $430 per credit

Nursing (B.S.) Online – $475 per credit

Advanced Degrees and Graduate Certificates:

Accountancy (M.S.) – $510 per credit

Accountancy (M.S.) Online – $625 per credit

Addiction Studies (Graduate Certificate) – $505 per credit

Arts and Cultural Management (M.A.) – $490 per credit

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (M.S.) Online – $650 per credit

Counseling and Psychological Services (M.A.) – $505 per credit

Culturally Responsive Teaching (Graduate Certificate) – $450 per credit

Cybersecurity (M.S.) Online - $650 per credit

Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics (M.S.) – $610 per credit

Doctorate (D.B.A.) – $850 per credit

Doctorate (Ed.D.) – $695 per credit

Doctorate (Ed.D.—blended in-person and online format) – $750 per credit

Doctorate (Psy.D.) – $850 per credit

Education (M.A.) – $450 per credit

Educational Leadership (M.A.) – $450 per credit

Educational Leadership (M.A.) Online – $530 per credit

Education—Learning Design and Technology (M.Ed.) Blended - $475 per credit

Education—Learning Design and Technology (M.Ed.) Online – $530 per credit

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) – $440 per credit

Education—Teaching and Learning (M.Ed.) – $450 per credit

Education—Wisconsin (M.A.) – $385 per credit

Educational Administration (Graduate Certificate) – $440 per credit

English as Second Language (M.A.) – $450 per credit

Geographic Information Science (Certificate) – $610 per credit

Health and Human Services Administration (M.A.) – $500 per credit

Health and Human Services Administration (M.A.) Online – $625 per credit

Human Resource Management (M.A.) – $490 per credit

Human Resource Management (M.A.) Online – $625 per credit

Information Technology Management (M.S.) – $490 per credit

Integrated Studies (M.A.) – $490 per credit

International Development (M.A.) Online – $625 per credit

K-12 Reading Teacher (Graduate Certificate) – $450 per credit

Lasallian Leadership (M.A.) – $325 per credit

Lasallian Studies (M.A.) – $325 per credit

Literacy Education (M.A.) – $450 per credit

Management (M.A.) – $490 per credit

Marriage and Family Therapy (M.A.) – $520 per credit

MBA Accelerated Online – $650 per credit

MBA without Specialization – $550 per credit

MBA with Specialization – $550 per credit

Nurse Anesthesia—SMUMN – $620 per credit

Nurse Anesthesia—MSA (Not inclusive of tuition/fees charged by MSA) – $460 per credit

Organizational Leadership (M.A.) – $490 per credit

Organizational Leadership (M.A.) Online – $625 per credit

Philanthropy and Development (M.A.) – $490 per credit

Project Management (M.S.) – $490 per credit

Project Management (M.S.) Online – $625 per credit

Professional Development Initiatives for Educators – $150 - $275 per credit

Public Administration (M.A.) Online – $610 per credit

Public Health (MPH) - $550 per credit

Public Health (MPH) Online - $650 per credit

Special Education (M.A. and Certificate) – $485 per credit

Special Education (M.A.) Online – $530 per credit

Teaching (M.A.) – $480 per credit

Application Fee – $25

Course Drop Fee – $30

Final Paper Presentation Fee – $50

Graduation Fee – $190

Graduation Fee—Ed.S.  (upon completion of a certificate leading to these degrees) – $75

Printing Fee (using Computer Lab printers) – $0.10 per page

Undergraduate Fees:

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Fee – $230

Graduate Fees:

Teaching (M.A.) Student Teaching Fee – $500

English as a Second Language (M.A.) Student Teaching Fee – $500

Special Education (M.A.) Student Teaching Fee – $500

Nurse Anesthesia (SMUMN Registration Fee) – $1,000

Nurse Anesthesia (SMUMN) Clinical Fee – $350 per clinical semester

MFT791 Integration Paper and Oral Exam – $150

PY791 Integration Paper and Oral Exam – $250

Educational Administration (Graduate Certificate)   Initial Assessment Fee – $50

Educational Administration Graduate Certificate and Ed.S. Portfolio Assessment/Exit Interview Fee – $150

Ed.D. Dissertation Defense Fee – $350

D.B.A. Dissertation Defense Fee – $500

Psy.D. Qualifying Examination Fee – $300

Psy.D. Clinical Case Presentation Fee – $300

International Student Fee per semester (Winona Campus only) – $550

Tuition does not include payment for course materials or textbooks. Materials and textbook costs vary by program and are made available at the time of registration. These materials are made available for purchase through one of Saint Mary's Bookstores. Students should budget between $250 and $500 per semester for textbooks and course materials.