College-level Courses Delivered in Your High School

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota's Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) provides learning experiences by offering college credit to private high school programs.

The Saint Mary's PACC program partners with high schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois in order to bring Saint Mary's undergraduate-level courses into their classrooms. Earning college credit for a fraction of the cost of tuition, participating students can expect the same workload, learning activities, projects, and exams as the courses taught to first-year students at Saint Mary's.

PACC Brochure (PDF)

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PACC High Schools ›

See listings of high schools that currently participate in the Saint Mary's PACC program.

Information for Students & Parents ›

See the benefits of the PACC program, and learn about course options, the registration process, payment procedures, grading, and credit transfers.

Information for High Schools ›

Learn how your high school can become a part of the Saint Mary's PACC program, add a new class, change an instructor, and more.

PACC Course Descriptions ›

Read about the course offerings and credit values that Saint Mary's offers through the PACC program. Not all high schools offer all courses.