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Information for High Schools

To be eligible to instruct PACC courses, all instructors must hold either a Master’s degree in the academic discipline they’ll be teaching OR a Master’s degree in another area but with a minimum of 18 graduate credits in the discipline they intend to teach.


Internal Discussion
Host an internal discussion with all relevant colleagues (department chairs, guidance counselors, curriculum directors, and other necessary administrators from your high school) to discuss your school’s interest in the Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) and your ability to meet PACC guidelines and expectations. Complete a copy of the PACC Participation Agreement and PACC Annual Program Docket.


Contact PACC Director
Contact the PACC Director to discuss specific PACC guidelines, curriculum and credentialing requirements, and course expectations. Request from the PACC office current syllabi used by Saint Mary’s faculty for the interested courses.


Model Courses
Review the Saint Mary’s University course syllabi, comparing them to the corresponding high school courses. Then, begin the task of modeling your courses so that they match the Saint Mary’s University course standards as listed in our syllabi. Format your course syllabus according to the Saint Mary’s University template.


Complete Participation Agreement
Complete and submit the PACC Participation Agreement and PACC Annual Program Docket, listing the Saint Mary’s courses that you wish to teach, with the names of the corresponding high school course and high school instructor. Include your syllabus, as it conforms to the Common Course Syllabus Format, tests and evaluation projects, along with copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts of instructors.

The PACC office will initially screen syllabi and instructors. The request will then be sent to the department chairs for approval, with final approval from the Academic Dean.