Minnesota's PSEO Program at Saint Mary's

Motivated high school juniors and seniors who are residents of Minnesota can earn college credit at no cost while completing high school graduation requirements.

State-funded College Credit

A major advantage to participating in the PSEO program is the state-sponsored tuition. All tuition and book charges are covered by the PSEO program, so no fees are passed along to the students—except for transportation and any additional costs the student chooses to incur as a PSEO student (such as school supplies, meal plans, private lessons, and commuter parking passes). More information about the program can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Applying for Admission Into the Saint Mary's PSEO Program

Saint Mary's welcomes applications from Minnesota high school students. All application materials are due by June 15 in order to be considered for enrollment in the following school year.

Dual credit applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will open on April 25.

The PSEO (online and on-campus) application deadline is  June 15, 2022

Admission standards for PSEO students are set by each college or university. Saint Mary’s considers PSEO applicants who meet the following criteria.

  • Will be a high school junior or senior by next fall
  • Have at least a 3.0 high school GPA.
  • Have submitted all required application materials by June 15, 2022

Applicants can work with their high school guidance counselor to collect their application materials. The following must be submitted by June 15:

  • Saint Mary’s application form, available from the high school guidance counselor or online.
  • A copy of most recent high school transcript.
  • State of Minnesota PSEO form (PDF), available from the high school guidance counselor. Students are required to select courses that will fulfill their high school graduation requirements before the semester begins.
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • Any application file not complete by the June 15 deadline will automatically be put on our waiting list, if the student qualifies.

On-campus PSEO students have access to most SMUMN first & second year courses, provided that those courses meet high school graduation requirements. Students should work with their high school guidance counselor to ensure that courses will fulfill those requirements.

Fall 2022 Online PSEO classes: 

Cardinal Virtual Academy

Through St. Mary’s Cardinal Virtual Academy, high school juniors and seniors who do not live in Minnesota can take online or on-campus courses at a significantly discounted rate.

For more information, please inquire at dualcredit@smumn.edu

Program Continuation

PSEO students are required to maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA in Saint Mary's courses in order to be eligible to return for subsequent semesters.