Minnesota's PSEO Program Options at Saint Mary's

Juniors and seniors in high school can enroll, full- or part-time, in Saint Mary’s courses and will receive high school and college credit at the same time.

State-funded College Credit

A major advantage to participating in the PSEO program is the state-sponsored tuition. All tuition and book charges are covered by the PSEO program, so no fees are passed along to the students—except for transportation and any additional costs the student chooses to incur as a PSEO student (such as school supplies, meal plans, private lessons, and commuter parking passes). More information about the program can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Applying for Admission Into the Saint Mary's PSEO Program

Saint Mary's welcomes applications from Minnesota high school students. All application materials are due by January 31 in order to be considered for enrollment in the following school year.

Saint Mary’s limits the number of PSEO students to 25 per year, with priority being given to students who intend to enroll full time at Saint Mary’s for the completion of their college education. Limiting the number of PSEO students helps Saint Mary’s to better serve that population of students, as every effort is made to ensure that PSEO students can enroll in courses they need for high school graduation. However, because course "guarantees" cannot be made, some courses may actually need to be taken through the corresponding high school.

Because the program is so competitive, any applicants who are not immediately accepted will be placed on a waiting list. If any PSEO positions become available for second semester, we will offer those spots to students on our waiting list. In order to be a member of our waiting list to receive consideration for second term PSEO status, your application file needs to be complete by November 1 of the current academic year.

Admission standards for PSEO students are set by each college or university. Saint Mary’s considers PSEO applicants who meet the following criteria.

  • Will be a high school junior or senior by next fall
  • Have at least a 3.5 high school GPA.
  • Have submitted all required application materials by January 31

Applicants can work with their high school guidance counselor to collect their application materials. The following must be submitted by January 31:

  • Saint Mary’s application form, available from the high school guidance counselor or online.
  • A copy of most recent high school transcript.
  • A copy of most recent ACT test score or PLAN equivalent of 24 or higher.
  • State of Minnesota PSEO form (PDF), available from the high school guidance counselor. Students are required to select courses that will fulfill their high school graduation requirements before the semester begins.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • An essay explaining interest in PSEO at Saint Mary’s.

Any application file not complete by the January 31 deadline will automatically be put on our waiting list, if the student qualifies.

Once we receive the materials described above, the application file will be complete and the following process begins:

  1. We process the application forms, and if the student meets our initial criteria, we send them a letter that tells them to set up an interview by the second week of February with the PSEO Coordinator.
  2. We make all PSEO decisions by the end of February and accept no more than 25 students (which includes the number of students returning to Saint Mary’s for their senior year of PSEO). All interviewed applicants for PSEO will receive official notification by the middle of March.

Program Continuation

Once a PSEO student is accepted into the Saint Mary's program, he or she is required to maintain a 3.000 cumulative GPA at Saint Mary’s, or the student may not be eligible to return for subsequent semesters.