Talent Scholarship for Music

Saint Mary’s offers scholarships for music to incoming first-year and transfer students who demonstrate mastery of instruments or voice. 

Students are eligible for $2,000 to $4,000 per academic year. These awards will be based upon auditions. You do not need to be a music major.

Auditionees will perform two short contrasting solo excerpts, with a total length of 10 minutes. Music selections should be from the standard repertoire and of high caliber. Jazz musicians should be prepared to demonstrate an understanding of jazz styles and improvisation techniques. Auditionees should be prepared to sight read and instrumentalists will also be asked to perform scales. An on-campus audition is preferred.

If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled audition dates, you may request an individual audition date or submit a recorded (audio or video) audition. For either of these options, please contact Dr. Patrick O'Shea: poshea@smumn.edu.

Audition Repertoire Information

Singers must prepare two selections from the standard art song, opera or oratorio repertoire.  It is strongly suggested that at least one of your selections be in a foreign language.  Vocalists must perform with an accompanist.  Saint Mary’s will provide an accompanist if you desire and provide music in advance.

Band and orchestral instruments:
Instrumentalists must prepare two contrasting selections of appropriate concert or contest repertoire.  You may perform two contrasting movements from the same sonata, but works by different composers and eras is preferable. A technical etude may be substituted for one of the solo selections.  It is preferred percussionists perform on a mallet instrument and either snare drum or timpani. If that is not possible other combinations such as timpani and drum set are acceptable. Selections need not be memorized.  A full range chromatic scale and additional scales up to four flats and sharps may be requested. Instrumental auditions may be performed with or without accompanist.

Pianists must prepare two contrasting selections of appropriate classical concert or contest repertoire.  You may perform two contrasting movements from the same sonata, but works by different composers and eras is preferable. 

Guitarists must perform two contrasting selections according to their specialization that demonstrates skills in classical, jazz or popular genres.  All guitarists are expected to be able to read traditional music notation (not TAB) upon entrance freshman year.

Audition Repertoire Information Printable version (PDF)


If you have any questions regarding repertoire selection for your audition please contact one of the following music faculty members:

Voice: Dr. Patrick O’Shea, poshea@smumn.edu

Piano: Dr. Ned Kirk, nkirk@smumn.edu

Woodwinds: Dr. Janet Heukeshoven, jheukesh@smumn.edu

Brass: Mr. Eric Heukeshoven, eheukesh@smumn.edu

Strings: Dr. Te-Chiang (Bacco) Liu, tliu@smumn.edu

Audition times should be scheduled with Dr. O’Shea after the form on this page has been completed. His phone number is 507-457-1598.