Now it's easier to fly in for a visit!

If you want to visit, we want to help.

Our new Fly-in Airfare Assist program helps student visitors from beyond a reasonable driving distance. Non-Midwest students who have applied for undergraduate admission are eligible for a one-time reimbursement — up to $300 — for the cost of air travel to our Winona Campus.

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Program Details

Students must be non-Midwest, defined as MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, NE, IL

Students must have already applied to Saint Mary’s University

Students must spend at least one, preferably two, nights on campus

Students must participate in one full day of visit events

Reimbursement is for students only

Parents/guardians or other family members are welcome to visit, but responsible for their own overnight accommodations

Frequent flyer miles: Only the actual cash paid listed on the flight itinerary will be considered (luggage and other flight fees are not reimbursed)

The Admission Office must have a minimum of two weeks notice to arrange a visit

Students must be approved for the travel grant. Please ask your admission counselor.

Overnight visits must take place on Sunday-Thursday evening.

You are encouraged to fly into the Twin Cities (MSP, 120 miles), Rochester, Minn. (RST, 50 miles), or La Crosse, Wis. (LSE, 30 miles). Groome Transportation will drop off and pick up visitors directly on the Saint Mary’s campus, and car rental is available at any of these airports.

More Information:

For more information for the Fly-in Airfare Assist, contact your Saint Mary's admission counselor. Or, call the Admission Office at 800-635-5987 (Ext. 1700), or email

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"Being able to visit the campus only solidified my decision to move far away from home. The feeling that you get when you can physically walk around on campus is drastically more helpful than doing all the research in the world on a college out of state. I cannot recommend campus visitation enough to those who are considering out of state colleges." - Jeannie, North Plains, OR