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Career Changers: Did you know you can work full time while working towards initial licensure and MA in Teaching?

May 1, 2024

Education College

Teacher high-fives student in classroom


Earn a Teaching Degree and Start Your New Career

Did a favorite teacher spur you to greater accomplishments in elementary or high school? Or maybe a teacher who really listened and cared about your future helped you make good decisions to direct your life path. In the normal course of their day, education professionals impact people in many positive ways.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to young people in your community and society at large, consider earning your teaching degree with the M.A. in Teaching program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Find out how to get your teaching degree in this outstanding program.

Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Teacher

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is built on a longstanding tradition of Lasallian Catholic education. We truly believe that education is a calling and find the vocation of teaching to be extremely satisfying and fulfilling. Our mission is to empower learners to achieve ethical lives of service and leadership, and there may be no better definition of the role of a teacher than that!

Our Teaching Degree Program

The M.A. in Teaching degree program takes place via Zoom one night per week. Students who apply to this teaching degree program must have already completed an undergraduate degree. This can be in any discipline, as long as it is from an accredited institution, and they maintained an overall grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. The M.A. in Teaching program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is a licensure preparation program. While students are not required to have taken courses in education, they are asked to demonstrate competence in a specialty, such as social studies, sciences, languages, music, or arts and literature.

In addition, students are required to meet the standards of the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board before Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will place them for student teaching or recommend them for state licensure. The teaching degree program director will analyze transcripts during the admission selection process to determine whether additional coursework may be needed before starting the teaching degree program.

Choose Elementary or Secondary School Preparation

The teaching degree program brings faculty and students together to help them develop and refine their teaching abilities in their subject matter of choice. Students choose between preparing for a career teaching in an elementary or secondary school.

However, both the elementary and secondary tracks prepare our students to excel in classroom instruction, sharing their passion both for learning and their content area of focus. We help you fulfill the larger mission of teaching, for example, developing critical thinking and problem-solving. At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, students learn how to create learning environments that help school-age students actively participate in learning, interact with each other positively, and realize personal motivation for achievement.

Change Your Career for the Better

You have something to share with new generations of students. Teaching is a chance to help communities and societies improve. Provide today’s students with an atmosphere that both encourages and tests them. Help them build a base of knowledge, as well as positive character traits. Become an active member of your local community and embrace the challenges that teaching brings to your life. The world needs teachers, and if you have thought about teaching, don’t you owe it to yourself to explore the teaching degree program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota?

Enroll and Find Meaning in a New Teaching Career

Our admissions staff are ready to help you apply to the M.A. in Teaching program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and answer any questions you may have. We also encourage you to attend one of our virtual information sessions. If you are ready for a career change, teaching is an excellent choice. It’s exciting, interactive, and lets you share the best parts of yourself. In this teaching degree program, your previous major and other academic interests provide the makings for a great career in the classroom. For more information, contact us today.