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Online Master of Arts in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration: Program Outcomes

What You Will Learn

Each course will contain specific course learning outcomes that are mapped to the program learning outcomes. Additionally, courses contain time estimates for readings and activities for assessment purposes. The online Master of Arts in Healthcare Administration program from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will equip graduates with skills to perform the following:

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    • Demonstrate respectful engagement of others’ ideas, behaviors, and beliefs
    • Construct and manage a system of governance to implement the organizational vision and mission
    • Resolve issues based on evidence weighed against relevant criteria
    • Develop and assess strategic program planning to enhance future growth and change as well as quality assurance
    • Understand personal leadership style and its impact on an organization

    • Apply theories and strategies of human resource management
    • Develop strategies to promote continual improvement of human performance
    • Identify and foster stakeholder relationships to achieve operational goals
    • Apply change management skills related to human resource management

    • Evaluate and apply compliance standards for financial operations
    • Determine the financial impacts of regional and national economics and public policy
    • Develop and utilize budgets for planning and decision-making

    • Evaluate relevant information and its sources
    • Apply diverse frames of reference to decisions and actions
    • Locate, evaluate, and implement plans to address accreditation and regulatory guidelines
    • Describe and influence the creation of public policy

    • Frame vital questions clearly
    • Assess the congruence between personal norms and ethical principles
    • Communicate with clarity and coherence
    • Develop a subject, including relevance, logic, grasps of the subject, and depth of discussion

    • Create policies to address community needs through interagency agreements
    • Develop plans to monitor and incorporate ongoing regulatory changes
    • Create an environment and systems for culturally appropriate care

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