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2024 Minneapolis Graduate Commencement information and livestream
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Dennis Pedrick, Ph.D.

Dennis Pedrick, Ph.D. Dennis Pedrick, Ph.D.

Douglas Westerman Douglas Westerman

Shelly McCallum-Ferguson, D.B.A. Shelly McCallum-Ferguson, D.B.A.

Ian Berry, Ph.D. Ian Berry, Ph.D.

Christine Beech, M.S. Christine Beech, M.S.

Lawrence Price, J.D. Lawrence Price, J.D.

Derek Jackson, MBA Derek Jackson, MBA

Michael Ratajczyk, M.A. Michael Ratajczyk, M.A.

Dean Beckman, M.S. Dean Beckman, M.S.

Thomas Marpe, Ed.D. Thomas Marpe, Ed.D.

Thomas Grier, Ed.D. Thomas Grier, Ed.D.

Jennifer Williamson Jennifer Williamson

Lori Charron, Ph.D. Lori Charron, Ph.D.

Matthew Klosky, M.A. Matthew Klosky, M.A.

Peter Watkins, M.S. Peter Watkins, M.S.

Alisa DiSalvo, M.A. Alisa DiSalvo, M.A.

Roger Haydock Roger Haydock

Jill Bonham, M.A. Jill Bonham, M.A.