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2024 Minneapolis Graduate Commencement information and livestream
First year students submit deposit here


Jason Hoechst, M.S.

Jason Hoechst, M.S. Jason Hoechst, M.S.

Melinda Stone, M.S. Melinda Stone, M.S.

Melissa Becchetti-Wilson, M.S. Melissa Becchetti-Wilson, M.S.

Norman Graff, M.S. Norman Graff, M.S.

Katrin Pownell, M.S. Katrin Pownell, M.S.

Dawn Buhain, M.S.N. Dawn Buhain, M.S.N.

Todd Walter, DrAP Todd Walter, DrAP

Julie Zupfer Anderson, M.S. Julie Zupfer Anderson, M.S.

Lori Miranda, M.S.N. Lori Miranda, M.S.N.

Eric Geurkink, Pharm.D. Eric Geurkink, Pharm.D.

Robert Field, M.S. Robert Field, M.S.

Megan Flanigan, M.S. Megan Flanigan, M.S.

Matthew Lundy, M.S.N. Matthew Lundy, M.S.N.