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A moment of humanity

April 9, 2020

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Times of uncertainty often bring innovation and creativity. The COVID-19 outbreak is no different as students across the world find ways to come together while apart. A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the ways students from across the world are recreating campus life from home.

Weeks ago, a group of Japanese elementary-school students organized a graduation ceremony for themselves with the video game Minecraft. Now, American college students are taking it a step further, not only hosting virtual commencements in the game but also recreating their entire campuses on-screen.

They’re committed to accuracy, too: One Boston University student snapped photos of the emergency-evacuation plans in each building on his campus to use as blueprints, while students building the University of Washington campus have adopted standard road widths.

But the virtual campuses are more than a pandemic pastime: They’re helping seniors cope with the abrupt end of their college years. Pearse Anderson, a senior at Oberlin College, has more at The Verge.