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Office of the Registrar

Academic Transcripts, Information, and More

With offices on the Minneapolis and Winona campuses, the registrar’s office provides an important service for current students, faculty, and alumni.

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Grading Policies

Your success is just important to us as it is to you. Find the information you need to be at your best.

Program Changes and Withdrawals

Winona undergraduate students inquiring about withdrawing from the university should refer to the Registration and Academic Records section listed in the Winona Undergraduate Catalog.

Course Catalogs

Students are bound by the graduation requirements of their respective Catalog in place when they enter Saint Mary's.

  • The university reserves the right to revise, supplement, and otherwise amend the policies and procedures contained in these catalogs. The university further reserves the right to cancel programs and courses or change the schedule of courses, for any reason. The university also reserves the right to change the curriculum and may make such changes without notice to students. These catalogs should not be read as a guarantee of the classes or courses set out herein.

    Please note that the areas of study information presented on this website reflects the most current academic requirements and policies, and they take precedence over any printed versions.

Registering for Classes

You may not attend classes for which you have not registered and will not receive credit for attending and completing a course in which you are not registered. You may be placed on the waiting list for a course that is full. Please consult the program staff for the program-specific procedure for progressing through wait lists. Registration requests may be submitted online using Student Portal.

Online Regisration Instructions


1. Log in to Student Portal
2. Select the correct term
3. Select “Registration” from the menu on the left
4. Click “Show Filter” and enter the department and course you want to register for and click “Apply Filter”
5. Check “Add” and “Complete Registration” to register for a course

– If you have any issues registering, contact your student support office.

Request a Degree or Enrollment Verification

Students, alumni, and credentialing personnel may call the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-7791 or go directly to the National Student Clearinghouse website. There is a fee for using the National Student Clearinghouse.

  • Full-time = 12+ credits per semester

    3/4 time = 9-11 credits per semester

    Half-time = 6-8 credits per semester

  • Full-time = 6 credits per semester

    3/4 time = 4-5 credits per semester

    Half-time = 3 credits per semester

  • Half-time

    ADS 590 = 440 hours

    ADS 591 = 440 hours

    ADS 714 = 440 hours

  • Half-time

    PY710 = 300 hours

    PY711 = 300 hours

    PY712 = 2 credits

    PY714 = 440 hours

    PY708 = 2 credits

  • Full-time

    NA770 = 2 credits

    NA771 = 2 credits

    NA772 = 2 credits

    NA773 = 3 credits

    NA774 = 3 credits

  • Full-time

    NA670 = 3 credits

    NA673 = 480 hours

    NA674 = 480 hours

    NA678 = 480 hours

    NA679 = 240 hours



    NA671 = 240 hours

    NA672 = 240 hours

  • Half-time

    MFT671 = 2 credits

    MFT672 = 2 credits

    MFT673 = 2 credits

    MFT674 = 2 credits

  • Full-time = 6+ credits per semester or 2 credits of dissertation work

    3/4 time = 4-5 credits of coursework

    Half-time = 3 credits of coursework or 1 credit of dissertation work or DBA860 Comprehensive Exam (1 cr.)

  • Full-time = 6+ credits per semester or 2 credits of dissertation work

    3/4 time = 4-5 credits of coursework

    Half-time = 3 credits of coursework or 1 credit of dissertation work or EDD899 Comprehensive Examination (1 cr.)

  • Full-time

    Registration for 6 credits of coursework

    Registration for full-time internship (PYD990, PYD991, PYD992)

    Registration for two different half-time activities listed below


    Half-time status

    Registration for 3 credits of coursework

    Registration for Practicum (PYD840, PYD841, PYD842, or PYD843)

    Registration for at least .5 credit of dissertation

Committed to Serve

Committed to serving the needs of all prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external constituents, the registrar’s office provides services in the areas of course and classroom scheduling, registration, commencement coordination, degree completions, and reporting, as well as ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the university’s academic records. We ensure that the policies outlined in the student handbook and catalog are consistently followed across all academic units.

The registrar’s office ensures the integrity, accuracy, and security of all academic records of current and former students; facilitates effective student registration and enrollment; builds secure student data files and sets policy and procedure for their responsible use; maintains up-to-date course schedules, catalogs, and final examination schedules; manages efficient use of classrooms; and supervises and maintains the degree audit system.

The registrar supervises the processes for the articulation of transfer credits, graduation and certification of degrees, enrollment and degree verification, production of official transcripts, and diplomas. The registrar’s office counsels and advises students, faculty, and staff on academic matters; and interprets and enforces policies and regulations of the University and FERPA.