Environmental Biology Major

The environmental biology major at Saint Mary’s accommodates a wide variety of student interests and career goals. 

It may lead directly to employment in a career in the environmental field, but also serves as an excellent preparation for advanced study. This major is suited for those who desire to enter such areas as zoology, aquatic biology, water quality management, fisheries biology, wildlife ecology, environmental toxicology, environmental planning, natural resource management, and conservation biology.

Saint Mary’s Winona Campus offers biology students access to a diversity of ecological communities.

Career Options

Environmental consultants; field biologists; fisheries biologists; environmental educators; conservation biologists; outdoor naturalists and interpreters; water resources technician planners; wildlife biologists

High School Preparation

Biology; Calculus; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Physics

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in environmental biology oftentimes pursue a double major or minor in chemistry or physics.