English and World Languages Department

Here, we nurture and expand your appreciation for and understanding of the diverse literature, languages, and cultures of our world.

From Beowulf to the Maze Runner, from Horace to Dubois, your English program and courses are designed to expose you to a wealth of literature in order to not only expand your perception, but sharpen your writing and critical thinking skills.

As a student of world languages, you will not only hone your Spanish speaking skills, but develop the ability to think, converse, debate, and read in this Romance language. In addition, you can expand your linguistic knowledge and skills with Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

Whichever path you choose, the English and World Languages Department offers an intellectually stimulating curriculum to a diverse community of learners designed to challenge and support you in your intellectual, spiritual, personal, and professional development.

English Study Abroad

The department offers a short-term study abroad program in England through the Saint Mary’s University study abroad office on an alternate year basis.

Spanish Studies Abroad

Saint Mary’s University has an affiliation with Spanish Studies Abroad, which offers courses and internships in Spain (Seville, Alicante, and Barcelona), Argentina (Cordoba), Cuba (Havana), and Puerto Rico (San Juan). There are semester or academic-year programs as well as short-term options during the winter, spring, and summer. Saint Mary’s University also partners with the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA), which offers semester-long internship opportunities in Ecuador. The department also offers short-term study abroad programs in Buenos Aires and Mexico through the Saint Mary’s University Study Abroad Office on an alternate year basis.

Honors at Graduation

To inspire and reward students who have completed outstanding work within the department, faculty may award departmental distinction to graduating seniors. You must have a minimum 3.7 department and major-field GPA and a 3.3 cumulative GPA. In addition, you will complete a superior senior thesis with a grade of A, present a piece of your work in a public forum, and demonstrate truly distinctive ability and performance in your major. 

Extracurricular Organizations

The department offers several extracurricular opportunities in world languages. Alpha Mu Gamma is a national foreign language honor society. Eligible seniors majoring or minoring in Spanish or who have taken at least two Latin or Greek courses are annually inducted into the Eta Delta Chapter. The department also sponsors Cineclub, which is open to the university community. Films from both Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries are screened throughout the year, providing a venue for both artistic and cultural reflection.  


Susan Cosby Ronnenberg, Ph.D.

Dean of the College

Saint Mary's Hall, SM133B

Campus Box: # 20

(507) 457-6900


Brooke Lenz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - English and World Languages, Department Chair

Saint Mary's Hall, SM231

Campus Box: #1436

(507) 457-1535


Brooke Lenz Ph.D.
Carolyn Ayers, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of General Education, Professor - English and World Languages

Saint Mary's Hall, SM205

Campus Box: #1432

(507) 457-1523


Carolyn Ayers Ph.D.
Nicole Ciulla, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM313

Campus Box: #1415


Kyle Black, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM209

Campus Box: #1503

(507) 457-1536


Kyle Black Ph.D.
Erin Mae Clark, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM403

Campus Box: #1411

(507) 457-6643


Areas of Expertise: Multiethnic literatures of the United States, Holocaust literature, and trauma theory

Meet Erin Mae Clark
John Kerr, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM229

Campus Box: #1463

(507) 457-1673


John Kerr Ph.D.
Christian Michener, Ph.D.

Director of the Lasallian Honors Program, English and World Languages - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM201B

Campus Box: #1527

(507) 457-1423


Christian Michener Ph.D.
John Reed, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM211

Campus Box: #1478

(507) 457-1517


John Reed Ph.D.
David Sokolowski, Ph.D.

English and World Languages - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM207

Campus Box: #1446

(507) 457-1538


David Sokolowski Ph.D.