History Major/Minor

The history major provides fundamental liberal arts training which prepares students for any job that requires the skills of research, analysis, information management, writing, and speaking.

This major is especially recommended for students preparing for law school. The history major also equips students for jobs specifically related to the study of the past, including careers in education, museums and historic sites, archives and libraries, and as historians of corporations, agencies, and non-profit agencies.

Career Options

Middle and high school teachers; college professors; attorneys; paralegals; researchers; librarians; archivists; curators; reporters and editors.

High School Preparation

Art History; Comparative Government and Politics; European History; Foreign Language; U.S. History; World History

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in history will oftentimes pursue a minor or double major in educational studies, elementary education, secondary education, or sociology

History Minor

History minors acquire research, analysis, management, writing, and speaking skills, all of which provide an excellent foundation for post-graduate studies and careers.