Theology Department

Theology strives to understand and interpret the Christian faith, bringing it to life through logic, language, and symbols.

It is an academic discipline always in dialogue with other disciplines and the human experience, because Lasallian Catholic Christianity holds that faith and reason, properly understood, work in harmony toward a greater understanding of God.

Faith Traditions

Undergraduate students interact with the Theology Department through the Lasallian Core Traditions Program. All students are required to complete two courses of their own choosing in the Faith Traditions Content Area (students in the Lasallian Honors Program are required to complete one course within Faith Traditions and another course embedded in the Honors program). These classes touch on such areas as different interpretations of the Bible, distinctive elements of the Roman Catholic tradition, what it means to be human, the historical development of doctrine, and understanding the different theories exploring the relationship between faith in God, moral and ethical behavior, and religious practice. Students also gain an awareness and appreciation for how religion interconnects with life in contemporary society.

Theology at Saint Mary's

As an institution grounded in the Lasallian Catholic heritage, Saint Mary’s is focused on instilling in students a world vision rooted in the Lasallian Catholic intellectual tradition. The Theology Department at Saint Mary's assists in this process of discovery by helping students understand and appreciate this heritage and the Lasallian Catholic faith, empowering them to ethical lives of service.

Programs Offered

In addition to basic studies, the department offers both a theology major and minor. A major may prepare students for graduate study or to teach religion at a Catholic high school. A minor complements any major in the liberal arts and also helps further enrich the person’s relationship with God.

Majors and Minors

Goals for Our Students

Courses offered in the theology department assist all students in attaining:

  • Knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of it as a primary source of God’s revelation
  • Recognition of the distinctive elements of the Roman Catholic tradition, and an understanding of the relationship between faiths, beliefs, moral and ethical behavior, and religious practice
  • Foundational comprehension and acquisition of skills, attitudes, and intellectual capacities involved in the engagement of faith and life
  • An appreciative understanding of the relationship between theological study and its critical engagement with contemporary society


John Quinn, M.A.

Theology - Adjunct Faculty

John Quinn M.A.
Gregory Sobolewski, Ph.D.

Theology - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM223C

Campus Box: # 79

(507) 457-1767

Gregory Sobolewski Ph.D.
Kenneth Stenstrup, Ph.D.

Theology-Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM223B

Campus Box: #1440

(507) 457-6625