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Beta Beta Beta members awarded grants

January 24, 2021


Five members of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Beta Beta Beta Honor Society were awarded Research Foundation grants. Awardees were:
  • Cole Van Houten — The geographic variation of southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) vocalizations in southeastern Minnesota; research adviser Benjamin Pauli
  • MacKenzie Waters — Bioaccumulation of 17ɑ-ethinylestradiol in pool 6 of the Mississippi River; research adviser Debra Martin
  • McKenna Gaalswyk — Detection of atrazine metabolites in blood serum and liver of mice exposed via their waters to 0, 3 and 30 ppb atrazine; research adviser Debra Martin
  • Mariah Bell — Research external exposure to chlorine-treated water does not enhance an inflammatory response in an animal model; research adviser Jeanne Minnerath
  • Graham Lorsung — Over expression of TBX2 and Epiregulin’s effect on EGR Family in MCF10A cells; research advisor Matt Rowley