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Brother Winkler Award

September 14, 2020

Virtual Events

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Brother Winkler Award

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Each year, the Brother Julius Winkler, FSC, Adjunct Faculty Recognition Award is presented to a course-contracted faculty member in the Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs who has sustained excellence in teaching and contributed to Saint Mary’s University by serving as a model of the Lasallian spirit in the classroom. Among other criteria, this award recognizes faculty for demonstrating excellence, effectiveness, and integrity.


2021 Award Winner Harry Hurley

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Harry Hurley, course-contracted assistant professor, was awarded the Brother Julius Winkler, FSC, Adjunct Faculty Recognition Award during the virtual Fall Faculty Conference on Sept. 25.

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Receiving this award is a great honor. With the number of adjunct faculty, I feel honored to be selected,” said Hurley.
Hurley has been a beloved faculty member in the undergraduate telecommunication and information technology (IT) programs and graduate IT management program for the past 35 years. With more than three decades of teaching and service to the university, Hurley embodies the Lasallian spirit through his dedicated teaching, thoughtful advising, and selfless donation of time to many initiatives at Saint Mary’s. Hurley is always looking to improve his teaching abilities by attending several Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) training webinars and has proven to be very adept in the online environment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hurley’s commitment to the Lasallian tradition goes beyond university walls. He has been a vital volunteer for The Silent Warrior Project, which sponsors spiritual retreats for veterans with PTSD. These retreats focus on reducing the suicide rate among that population.
Hurley hopes to use his experience in IT to help students understand the value of ethics in the workplace. “I enjoy having the diversity in the student population I am able to teach, and I enjoy the emphasis on ethics we put on the coursework we offer.

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