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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Programs

Meet Your Educational Goals

Saint Mary’s distinctive and flexible programs are designed with the analytical professional in mind.

Explore our ‘full stack’ business intelligence and data analytics programs and advance your career. Specialize your knowledge in business analytics, artificial intelligence, or healthcare analytics. Enhance your skills in machine learning, storytelling, stakeholder analysis, technology adoption strategy, and project management.

Whether at the bachelor level or graduate level, Saint Mary’s instructors and the program director have real-world experience and bring passion and energy to the classroom. There are a variety of bachelor and graduate-level options available.

Our programs have frequent virtual information sessions and annual business intelligence summits where professionals and visionary thought leaders share their knowledge, bringing the best and most current information to students.

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Saint Mary’s Portfolio of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Programs

  • The emphasis of the business intelligence and analytics major is on applications of data analysis, business forecasting, modeling, operations management, market analysis, econometrics, and project management techniques. The curriculum is based on the functional areas of business such as finance, operations, and marketing and is enhanced with statistical and decision science techniques.

  • Spend an intense year gaining skills and knowledge directly applicable to the real world in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, big-data analytics, and presentation skills. As a graduate, you will be the go-to professional who can be counted on to determine cause and effect relationships and suggest sound problem-solving strategies. Each student will pursue a specialized path with classes in business analytics, artificial intelligence, or healthcare analytics.

  • Gain insider knowledge to frame business problems, provide optimal solutions, and improve business performance through data science project application. Plus, incorporate storytelling, data visualization, and business analytics to solve business problems.

  • Study data engineering to collect, clean, and structure data for artificial intelligence projects. Through deep learning methodology and technology focused on artificial intelligence models, you’ll gain skills and insight to perform in the fields of big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

  • Learn how to develop business intelligence capabilities within a healthcare organization and apply artificial intelligence techniques across a spectrum of patient care and business functions. Explore information management systems, health informatics and decision support systems.

Industry Partners, Alumni, and Friends


Our students, alumni, and industry partners engage in all things business intelligence, data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and data management. Through a partnership and team effort, students can engage in experiential learning activities. We love working with alumni on projects, serving as coaches, champions, and judges throughout our academic year. We also host virtual information sessions, career panels, and summits for students to gain knowledge and information to help them prepare for their careers.

If you or your company is interested in supporting the great work that our students engage in, please contact the Program Director for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at