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Commencement 2020

June 8, 2020

News Virtual Events

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Saint Mary’s University’s 2020 Virtual Commencements

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On May 22, Saint Mary’s celebrated 198 graduating students during a virtual commencement ceremony. And on July 17 a virtual commencement ceremony celebrated 609 graduates from our Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs. We continue to invite students, their families, friends, and supporters to take part in celebrating our graduates and all of their academic accomplishments.

Many faculty and staff came together to help personalize our ceremonies with accolades and advice — and even to shoot confetti cannons.

To all the 2020 graduates, remember: despite the challenges of this time, your ability to adapt, persevere, and succeed despite circumstances beyond your control will continue to serve you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Your future is bright and your strength admirable; congratulations!

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