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COVID-19 vaccinations not mandated for fall 2021

April 20, 2021

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After much careful thought and deliberation, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will not require mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for fall 2021. All current COVID-19 vaccinations have been approved under an Emergency Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. That authorization gives any individual the right to decline the vaccination. As such, the university does not believe that vaccinations may be mandated for students or employees. However, if the state or federal government mandates COVID-19 vaccinations, we will comply with the mandate.

The university strongly encourages all individuals to get vaccinated if they are able to do so. The university also encourages students at the College to add their vaccination status to the student health portal. In the fall, the university will follow all guidelines in force at that time and will set expectations for quarantining and testing for those who choose not to be vaccinated.