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COVIDaware MN app notifications and guest policy

February 8, 2021


COVIDaware MN app notifications 

Thank you to all the community members who have downloaded and used the COVIDaware MN app. As a reminder, students should keep their phones with them whenever possible. If their phone is in a bag (like while dining at the cafeteria) and another person’s phone is in their bag at the same location, then one student tests positive for COVID-19, they might get a notification even though they were physically nowhere near each other (but their phones were). The app will be more accurate if phones stay with students.

If students receive a notification from the COVIDaware MN app saying they’re a close contact, they should contact the Wellness Center at 507-457-1492 or for further guidance. Faculty and staff should contact Human Resources at 507-457-1508 or

Guest policy updates

Off-campus guests are not permitted at this time; only on-campus residents may visit each other. The COVID-19 guest policy has been updated:

  • Regular residence hall room, maximum occupancy is 3, including the residents (1 guest)
  • Village or apartment, maximum occupancy is 6, including the four residents (2 guests)
  • 6-person apartment, maximum occupancy is 10, including the 6 residents (4 guests)
  • 9-person apartment, maximum occupancy is 15, including the 9 residents (6 guests)

Residencia Santiago Miller outdoor gatherings and alcohol

Students ages 21 and older are permitted to have open containers beyond their patio so they can socially distance while being together outside. The defined area is from the Brother James Miller statue over and behind the Residencia Santiago Miller sign. Masks are required. This means masks must be on faces at all times, lifting it to drink, and then lowering back in place. Tailgating in the parking lot is not allowed.

Please also pick up your trash, or the guest and beverage policies may be revoked.