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Expand Your Computer Skills- from Python and R to SQL

January 5, 2023

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, M.S.

Technology is everywhere, and it will only become more prevalent. Therefore, computer science technical skills and machine learning are crucial components of the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (M.S. BIDA).

Learning a programming language is the number-one skill you need to manage big data. By building on your computer knowledge skills, you will learn to reach through a sea of information, access your data sets, inform your decision-making, and use machine learning to push your data forward.

Choose between learning about R, Python, or both, and fast-track your work in statistics, math, and analysis to offer better, quicker, more effective business solutions.

Coding for Beginners

Python is an open-source programming language that’s powerful, easy to read and write, and perfect for beginners. It’s an interpreted language, meaning you can speed up your coding and see your results faster.

You will use Python to develop advanced analytical models and statistical studies. You’ll import data from an external study, examine a business problem, and communicate your findings—all within an application that allows you to perform, create, and script.

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Analyze, Display, and Store Your Data

The R programming language helps you visualize your statistics. From linear and nonlinear modeling to time-series analysis and clustering, it’s an open-source way to show off your data.

Students will use R to develop advanced models and studies, working to perform, create, and script. They’ll analyze a business problem, communicate their analysis, and propose a solution.

As a student in this program, you will also use SQL. This programming language allows you to store your findings in a data warehouse for safekeeping, manipulation, and easy access. You’ll work directly with IT to build best-practice data storage and access.

Program Your Future

Experience in these languages boosts your value to employers in today’s technology-driven world. Use Python, R, and SQL to streamline your process, display your findings, and propose business solutions even faster.

You’ll also be ready to learn more difficult program languages, adapt as technology changes, and help your organization succeed.

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