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Exploring intellectual hospitality

October 16, 2018

News Presidents Update

SGPP faculty and staff discuss intellectual hospitality at a recent meeting on the Twin Cities Campus.

Last week, as part of the all Schools of Graduates and Professional Programs (SGPP) meeting on Oct. 9, faculty and staff members led an important discussion on intellectual hospitality. The discussion was based on an article from Dr. Aurelie A. Hagstrom, professor, entitled “The Role of Charism and Hospitality in the Academy.” Dr. Sarah Ferguson, associate vice president of academic affairs and academic dean, moderated the panel which included Dr. Matt Nowakowski, D.B.A. program director and core associate professor; Dr. Rustin Wolfe, Ed.D. in Leadership program core professor; and Dr. Farhiya Farah, Master of Public Health program director. They shared thoughts around intellectual hospitality, which included ideas of zeal, accompaniment, pedagogy, curiosity, understanding one another’s experiences, and establishing ideals and visions that are accommodating to everyone by building on commonalities and ensuring trust through a safe environment. Discussions like these engage Saint Mary’s staff and faculty in a way that helps to strategically enhance the university’s intentionality around inclusion.