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Faculty spotlight: Mike Mutschelknaus

August 13, 2021

Business and Technology Graduate News

For over 25 years, Mike Mutschelknaus has worked tirelessly to support students as a professor at Saint Mary’s. Teaching a variety of communication and writing courses both online and in person, Mutschelknaus is an invaluable asset to the School of Business and Technology. He is fueled by the opportunity to help students with diverse backgrounds and experiences discover new insights and pursue their professional goals. Mutschelknaus excels in his role by creating genuine connections with each of his students which allows him to become a close mentor and supporter for them throughout their educational journey and beyond.

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Mutschelknaus to learn more about him both professionally and personally.

What do you focus on in your approach that allows students to excel?
I believe students learn best through motivated self-discovery rather than didactic pedagogy. I strive to incorporate research so that students can discover new insights that can directly apply to their lives.

Tell us what you enjoy most about teaching.
It’s endlessly new, and I truly believe that I learn more from the students than they ever learn from me.

Outside of the classroom, what are some hobbies you enjoy?
Golf and guitar.

What is one of your favorite quotes?
“Do not go gentle into that good night.” – Dylan Thomas

You have incredible experience as a professor. What would you consider to be one of the highlights of your career?
I enjoy teaching and mentoring a wide variety of students, from refugees in citizenship classes to graduate students working on original research.

How can students contact you?
Students can connect with me on LinkedIn.