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January Student Central update

January 14, 2021

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Dropping/withdrawing from courses and tuition refunds

The last day to drop your term 1 courses in the student portal was Jan. 10.

Tuition refunds for dropping courses is dependent on percentage of semester or term completed. View the course drop/withdrawal tuition refund policy.

On-ground students: Since the course drop period has passed, all course drops and withdrawals must be requested by filling out the Course Drop & Withdrawal Request Form located on the left side of the student portal homepage. Students must be logged in to their Saint Mary’s email in order to complete the form; otherwise they will not be granted access.

Distance learning students: If you need to drop a course, please contact your online Student Services specialist.

Tuition due dates and statements

Billing information and tuition due dates can be found on the “My Bill” page in the student portal.

You will receive a monthly reminder from Student Central to check the “My Bill” page. We recommend you check the student portal throughout the semester for updates.

Term 1 tuition due date: Courses beginning Jan. 4 will be due Jan. 21.

Term 2 tuition due date: Courses beginning March 1 will be due March 15.

Deferred tuition due date: Tuition will be due on May 15 for all students receiving employer tuition reimbursement or military benefits.

The university applies the $10 finance charge balance of the student’s account monthly until the balance is paid in full. Students may pay the balance in full at any time. Accounts are delinquent when the payment terms on a student’s account have not been met. When an account becomes past due, a past due notice will appear on the student’s billing statement.

Financial aid

Students who have accepted financial aid in their student portal and completed all required documents should have began seeing student loans applied to tuition accounts on Jan. 12.

If you are expecting a financial aid refund, this will be processed within 10 business days after the disbursement date. The “My Bill” page will be updated in the student portal when your aid is applied and when your refund is processed.

If you have not set up direct deposit for a financial aid refund and would like to do so, you can add banking information in the profile section on your student portal.

Should you have questions on financial aid, contact Student Central for assistance.

Student Central

Temporary hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 612-238-4566 or email studentcentral@smumn.edu.