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M.S. in Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics

Gain new perspectives: Visual. Gain new insights: Data.

The world relies on data — and vice-versa. Data powers virtually everything, making data science one of the fastest-growing careers. In fact, the field of data science shows a staggering 650% job growth with an estimated 11.5 million new jobs projected by 2026.1 By integrating geography and business analytics, geoanalytics provide an enriched, visual perspective — giving new insights for decision-making in everything from manufacturing to natural resources. The M.S. in Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics program equips you with skills and experience in data engineering, geospatial technology, analytics, and programming.

Saint Mary’s has been a leader in providing a robust educational foundation and in-field experiences — like our GeoSpatial Services — required for a wide-range of careers and leadership positions in data intelligence and geoanalytics. Our alumni have taken their education coast to coast and even globally, with alumni currently working in China and Australia.

Gain hands-on experience with these high-level, integrated technologies:

• Python
• R Programming/Scripting
• JavaScript
• Web API’s
• Cloud architecture
• Data management via mobile devices, drones/sensors via IoT, and geo-artificial intelligence and data classifications

After successfully completing Saint Mary’s graduate program in data intelligence and geoanalytics, you’ll be prepared with the skills and professional know-how to pursue certification from the GIS Certification Institute, the internationally-recognized certification program leading to GISP® (Certified GIS Professional) recognition.

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Program Highlights

Saint Mary’s technology-enriched data intelligence and geoanalytics program delivers real-world training and prepares you to pursue professional certification. In as little as one year, you can earn a graduate degree from a regionally and nationally ranked university with a diverse portfolio of analytics programs and a leader in business and technology.




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Start Dates






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Program Features

What Makes it Special

  • Complete this program in as little as one year
  • Software provided
  • Leverage credentials for the GISP endorsement
  • Optional paid applied learning experiences through GeoSpatial Services (GSS)
  • Digital badges offered
  • Robust alumni network and professional social networking connections

What You'll Learn

What You’ll Learn

  • Analyze geospatial data
  • Demonstrate proficiency in data collection and database administration
  • Develop custom applications and scripts for visualization and analytics
  • Engage in complex critical thinking
  • Best practices of integrated technology
  • Ethical implications of data handling and decision-making

Knowledge seeker, fact finder, and now CEO

Kendis Scharenbroich M’00 graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a master’s degree in resource analysis (now the M.S. in Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics program). Today, she is the president and CEO at Pro-West and Associates, Inc., a consulting firm in Bemidji, Minn., that offers GIS services for cities, counties, and state and federal governments.

Hands-On Experience with GeoSpatial Services

The data intelligence and geoanalytics program offers an optional paid experience with GeoSpatial Services (GSS). This unique on-campus project center at Saint Mary’s is nationally recognized with clients such as the Biden administration, British Petroleum, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service. GSS currently has 35 full time professional staff and employs over 40 students.

More than 500 Saint Mary’s students have worked with GSS over the past 15 years, conducting mapping and spatial analysis for projects from Alaska to the deserts of New Mexico. This is your opportunity to work alongside GIS professionals and partners on real-world projects to learn program development, data design and application, and data visualization.

Share Your Success

Share your achievements with your professional network and social connections using our digital badging. The badges for the M.S in Data Intelligence and Geoanalytics program showcase your accomplishments for courses in this program, and the value of your relevant skills and professional knowledge.

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Career Outlook

Explore a career as a data scientist, app developer, GIS analyst, or urban planner. According to Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium, the median annual salary for a GIS Developer is $91,000.2

Computer and information Research Scientist

$131,490 per year*

Environmental Scientist

$76,530 per year*

Urban planner

$78,500 per year*

Network administrator

$80,600 per year*

Computer and information research scientist job growth 2020-30

This module doesn't exist.

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