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New cybersecurity degree advances online learning and growth

April 17, 2018


As a direct response to Priority 1 – Advance online learning and growth, Saint Mary’s University is launching a new online Master of Science in Cybersecurity program to start in August 2018. The program is designed to produce well-rounded cybersecurity professionals with both the business and technical expertise needed to prevent and protect against cyberattacks.

Saint Mary’s recognizes the urgent worldwide need for cybersecurity leaders. Nearly every day brings news of a cybersecurity attack, and global cybersecurity spending grew 7 percent in 2017, to $86.4 billion. In addition, the cybersecurity industry has far too few skilled professionals and a pressing demand for more.

Students will experience a curriculum designed by real-world cybersecurity professionals, including hiring managers, security executives and government officials. Students will receive a comprehensive education that provides a powerful combination of technology fundamentals, including risk management, network security and more, along with business leadership skills like communications, negotiation, and ethical decision-making. This crucial blend of skills will help graduates communicate the importance of data protection to colleagues who aren’t well-versed in cybersecurity procedures, ensure the implementation of their initiatives, and become the solution to cyberattacks.