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Quarantine guidelines for Winona Campus spring semester return

January 13, 2021

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Quarantining before arrival

We are strongly recommending that you (all students) “soft” quarantine at home for 10 days prior to arriving on campus. Please limit your contacts. Do not visit bars or restaurants and do not attend any social gatherings with more than two families or 10 people in the 10 days prior to moving back to campus.

Quarantining after arriving

From the time you arrive on campus through Wednesday, Feb. 3, you (our Winona Campus students) will be asked to continue “soft” quarantining. This means you may leave your residence halls to attend classes, study in the library or other designated spaces, eat in the dining hall, and work out. Otherwise, you should remain in your residence halls. Student-athletes may participate in practices and strength and conditioning activities as scheduled by their coaches. Students are not permitted to visit other residence halls, and commuter students and outside guests are not permitted in the residence halls at any time.

Clubs and organizations may meet, but virtual meetings are encouraged. Activities and events with small numbers of participants may occur, but the COVID-19 approval form must be completed and approved for any such activities.

These steps will help us keep transmissions low at the start of the semester and keep our learning in person. We appreciate your help in keeping our campus and the wider community safe during this critical period.