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Retired Saint Mary’s professor stays active

January 31, 2019

Campus Notes News

Dr. Richard Kowles, after 40 years at Saint Mary’s University, retired from teaching in the Saint Mary’s Biology Department in 2008 and from additional part-time teaching in 2012. Since then, he has given numerous presentations on genetic subjects to various organizations in Winona and Rochester, all of which have received publicity in both cities. Most recently, two genetic presentations were given in Rochester as a featured part of a Mayo Clinic Education Program for adult audiences. In Winona, he has been engaged in an entire series discussing genetic subjects of interest to the Winona Learning Club. Thus far, he has given 11 such presentations to the organization with more scheduled. Dr. Kowles has also presented 34 slide shows over the past two years to residents of Winona’s Adith Miller Care Facility. This series has also received recent publicity in the Winona Daily News. Dr. Kowles never passes up an opportunity to discuss genetics, his favorite subject. He thinks that retirement would otherwise be boring.