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Safety protocol clarifications and reminders for Winona Campus

January 13, 2021

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Students must be in their own residence hall during curfew (10 p.m. to 4 a.m.). Students found outside their residence hall will be issued automatic non-compliance fines of $35, which will be placed on their student accounts. Students with off-campus employment that will affect curfew must notify the Office of Residence Life for an exception.

Guest policy

Since we are returning in level 3 (orange), no guests will be permitted in the residence halls. This means students may not visit friends in other residence halls. Commuter students or outside guests are not permitted in any residence halls. Failure to comply will result in a violation of COVID guidance, and students will go through the student conduct process.

Travel request

Students must submit a travel request to the university of any personal travel occurring outside Winona County and any overnight travel or travel to high-risk states, with the exception of day travel within an hour of campus in the state of Minnesota (like Rochester, Red Wing, Wabasha). Please review the CDC Considerations for Travel and CDC Data Tracker for high-risk travel assessment.

Submissions must be received 48 hours prior to departure for review and approval.

Failure to complete the form 48 hours in advance of departure, travel outside the designated area without university knowledge, or non-submission of the form will result in an automatic $35 non-compliance fine placed on your student account.

Students who are commuting to and from home are not required to submit a request. 


Students are required to wear a mask on campus. Exceptions are when students are in their own room with their roommate or in the shower. In residence halls with community or semi-private bathrooms, students must wear their mask when traveling to and from the bathroom/shower room. When outside, a mask must be worn unless in Saint Mary’s Park or on the trails. If in the park or on the trails, your mask must be nearby/easy to put on in the event that it is needed.

Masks should fit as snugly as possible to the face, covering the chin, mouth, and nose up to the nose bridge. Failure to wear a mask will result in an automatic $35 non-compliance fine. There will be no warnings.

Residence hall lounges and kitchens

Residence hall lounges and kitchens will be open. Students must adhere to occupancy numbers and clean the space after use. Cleaning supplies are provided for this purpose. Please inform the Residence Life staff if supplies needs to be replenished.