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Saint Mary’s student featured in podcast about inequities during COVID-19

May 14, 2020


Saint Mary’s student Ziad Oumer, who is completing his bachelor’s degree in public health, was recently featured in a podcast from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

As the COVID-19 pandemic moves across the United States, it’s bringing into sharp focus the fact that certain populations are suffering more than others. The podcast, Health in All Matters, examined particular challenges facing the homeless, the incarcerated, people of color, and new immigrants as they try to stay safe.

“Governor Walz announced COVID-related inequities in the State of Minnesota. As of last week, the black community, which makes up 6.6% of the Minnesota population, had 17% of COVID cases and experienced 19% of the hospitalization,” said Farhiya Farah, Ph.D., Saint Mary’s director of public health programs. “This calls for amplified targeted prevention interventions for Minnesota’s underserved communities.”

Oumer came to the Twin Cities when he was 22 years old. He is Somalian, a population that is greater than 75,000 in Minnesota, and recognizes the challenges minorities face.

Dr. Farah said Oumer is a passionate public health student who is heavily engaged in community public health events. He is on track to complete his bachelor’s degree in public health this summer.

“Ziad single-handedly helped a community-based organization with the COVID-19 state grant that was awarded $10,000,” said Dr. Farah. “I am excited about the promise of his contribution to the great work of public health.”

Listen to the podcast — Episode 5: COVID Affects Us All … Just Not Equally